The ENIT and the IUT have built, along different paths, an ecosystem recognized for its position in research and innovation, including at the highest European level.

The UTTOP will strengthen the scientific and technological footprint of the site, in connection with societal issues related to objects, systems, and uses, with the overall goal of addressing transition challenges and thereby contributing to the ongoing dynamics in the region.


A scientific signature addressing three societal challenges :

For each of these challenges, UTTOP possesses assets, skills, and material and human resources that it leverages for its partnerships.


UTTOP’s mission is to raise awareness about its research activities and facilitate the dissemination of the data it produces to the wider society. UTTOP is an opportunity to share and collaborate on actions carried out by the two founding structures. With over half of research articles currently published in open access, UTTOP aims to define a common strategy for open science, in alignment with the policies pursued by the ANR (National Research Agency) and the national plan for open science launched in July 2021.



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