The University of Technology Tarbes Occitanie Pyrenees (UTTOP) is the 4th University of Technology in France.

Located in Tarbes, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, this new institution brings together the National School of Engineers of Tarbes (ENIT) and the Institute of Technology of Tarbes (IUT).

UTTOP offers an integrated Training/Research/Innovation architecture, enriched by the ecosystem developed by the ENIT and the IUT.


UTTOP aims to expand its range of education at all levels (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, and engineering degree) not only on a local level but also with a focus on national and international outreach. It will be complementing the policies carried out by the University of Toulouse.


UTTOP is built upon a research strategy centered around three societal challenges, driven by an ambition for international recognition.


Bachelor's University of Technology (B.U.T.) - 3-year degree

  • Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction
  • Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing
  • Business and Administration Management
  • Mechanical Engineering and Production
  • Multimedia and Internet Professions
  • Marketing Techniques


 Bachelor Cti - 3-year degree

  •  Bachelor in Science and Engineering -  Energy Transition


Professional Bachelor’s Degrees

  • ICP: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping
  • M3ER: Maintenance and Operation of Renewable Energy Equipment
  • MQDE: Quality Management, Waste, and Environment
  • COGESHT: Commercialization and Management of Tourist Structures and Accommodations

Engineering Degree - 5-year degree

  •  Generalist Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering


ENIT and IUT also host doctoral students enrolled at Université de Toulouse 3 (UT3) and Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT) in their laboratories.


UTTOP's Ambition

In terms of education, UTTOP aims to:


  • Strengthen, align, and broaden its offerings by creating new programs in line with career pathways, attracting new audiences.
  • Provide offerings tailored to the region and evolving professions.
  • Address industrial needs and inspire ambition among youth distanced from regional urban centers.
  • Attract new national and international audiences, in both initial education and lifelong learning.






  • République Française
  • Université de Toulouse
  • CTI
  • Région Occitanie
  • Erasmus plus
  • Label Bienvenue en France
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