ENIT has a wealth of student life which enables each student to express themselves through their interests.

The student associations are very much involved in the life of their town.

Each September, they organise a big food drive in partnership with Banque Alimentaire 65 and run eco-friendly activities like annual Echez River clean-ups.

Every year, the students participate in the 4L Trophy, a humanitarian raid which helps to get school supplies to disadvantaged children in Morocco.

ENIT is also partnered with the Bouchons d’Amour association, which provides support for disabled people.


  • BDE

The Students' Union aims to bring students together by organising a range of sports, cultural or technical clubs, supporting various promotions and organising major events. The Students' Union is run by the Students Office.

At ENIT, the Students’ Union plays an important role in the integration of new students and cohesion between the different academic years. A real part of the community life of the school, the students take turns to organise numerous student clubs. Every year they organise dozens of events (sporting events, music events, etc.) which enable them to meet, get to know one another better and develop a spirit of cohesion and mutual support.

  • Mechanics
  • Skiing
  • Eco-concept
  • Aero-modelling Club
  • Engineers without borders Created by the students as part of a supervised project, the association works on both awareness projects and projects to educate people about sustainable development. The ongoing projects include the implementation of a carbon audit for the Tarbes campus and the installation of solar panels in Senegal in partnership with the Ethiopiques 65 association.
  • 4L Trophy
  • Photography
  • Data processing
  • Cacophony
  • Sono Sam
  • Motorcycling
  • End-of-Year Gala association
  • Paddleboard, Shell Eco-Marathon, Car Rallying, Go-Karting, Role-Playing Games, Paintball, Mountain Climbing, Music, Robotics, Surfing, Sci-Fi, Juggling, Transport, Mountain Biking, Cinema, Inter-ENI Games, Golf...


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year student associations
  • République Française
  • Université de Toulouse
  • CTI
  • Région Occitanie
  • Erasmus plus
  • Label Bienvenue en France
  • Label FCU