Tarbes being a small town, it is rather easy to find an accomodation either in a shared house or in student residence.

  • Individual room at the campus residence



  • Individual room in a shared rental flat



  • Starter Pack






Due to the variable amount of the housing allowance, a room in a private residence turns out to be cheaper, but students have to make a sizeable deposit that they will get back only at the end of their stay when their lease is over.


Approximate prices at the Campus residence:

Location: within walking distance , 200 m from ENIT

  • "studette", i.e single room with cooking facilities + bathroom + internet connection: 318 euros/month.No bed sheets, no blankets, no dishes provided. Deposit: 318 euros on registering.


However, at E.N.I.T., there will be students who live in 2/3-bedroom houses or apartments, so every semester, they will be looking for roommates.

A flat can be shared with two other ENIT roomates for a rent varying from 315 to 380 euros. Roommates can also receive a housing allowance.

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